Vegan Yorkshire Pudding

100 days of fitness challenge

Do you love a challenge? A bit of competition? I do. I consider myself a secret competitive person. I don't like to advertise the fact that I'm competitive because I don't want to be seen to fail at winning. I'm... Continue Reading →


Best Vegan Cookies

There is only one go-to cookie recipe in the Yorkshire Pudding household and that is because everyone who tries them, loves them. My sister-in-law enjoyed them so much she requested the recipe for her Christmas present one year. I duly... Continue Reading →

How Was Your Veganuary?

I love that every January - and this year more than ever - vegan food is everywhere. In the news, in the shops, in our tummies. We did a very unplanned family veganuary and well, it didn't go quite to... Continue Reading →

How to Fail At Veganuary

"Let's have a family veganuary," my other half annouces at 9am on 1 January. I woop and cheer and there's an audible groan from the back of the car. It'll be easy, we think. We'll all just eat what I eat, we think. We don't need to plan and prep because there is already a vegan in the family. How wrong we were...

7 of the best vegan shoes

The choice for vegan shoes has come on a long way in the past few years and slowly become more mainstream. In bygone years the options for vegan and vegetarian footwear hasn't always been fashionable or sexy. Unless you count... Continue Reading →

5 Vegan Food Myths

As being vegan is becoming more mainstream and access to great food is becoming easier for those on a plant-based diet, it is surprising that there are some ideas about being vegan which don't seem to disappear not matter how... Continue Reading →

You Are Not A Number

I am a 10, unless I am a 12 or a 14, sometimes all three at once and more often than not, none of these all at the same time while also still not being an M or an ML... Continue Reading →

How This Four Letter Word Will Ruin Your Body-Confidence And Ways To Avoid It

There is a four letter word which will do more to ruin your body-confidence than anything else and I would like to see it and all versions of this word removed from how you talk about yourself and your life.... Continue Reading →

Guest Post: Jo Giroux on Weight Loss Exercise

Jo Giroux is a personal trainer, weight loss consultant and nutritionalist.  Jo is a wonderful trainer, incredibly motivating in the face of mass cynicism and has really helped bust my body back into a recognisable shape. Jo has kindly posted... Continue Reading →

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