The choice for vegan shoes has come on a long way in the past few years and slowly become more mainstream. In bygone years the options for vegan and vegetarian footwear hasn’t always been fashionable or sexy. Unless you count chunky, corrective looking shoes as sexy? I don’t know, maybe you do. I suspect there is a corrective shoe fetish out there and it probably hit its heights at around the early 90s.

Now we have choice. I have a love/hate relationship with choice; I’ve lived a vegan life for so long without any real choice than when faced with an option of two I become a blundering mess. So when purchasing shoes these days it is a long drawn-out process that can last for weeks. I simply cannot choose. And that is a good, nay great thing.

I brim with joy when someone asks “well what about your shoes?” in a I’m-going-to-catch-you-out kind of way because I can do a little jig that the nearest my shoes have been to a cow is on the school-run when I contemplate the footpath covered in cows and the speed at which I can run should they charge on me. Answer: not a chance in hell am I going to risk getting cow pat on my new vegan boots.

But my vegan shoes don’t look ‘vegan’. They look like everyday, normal boots that a woman my age would wear as though she had bought them from a high street store. And that is because it is exactly what I did. After much deliberation. And so, here are my top 7 favourite vegan shoe brands.


This Australian brand does some beautiful boots and shoes. I currently own three pairs; boots, wedges and sandals. Long lasting and comfortable.

Doc Martens

Oh be still my beating heart for the 14-year-old metaller inside of me that Docs now come in a vegan variety. What more can be said for this wonderful achievement of cruelty-free footwear?

Iron Fist

I own one pair of Iron Fist heels, purchased when they were first stocked in the UK. I have worn them a total of twice, both times indoors and with questionable balance. I don’t care, they are BEAUTIFUL. They also do flats which are also pretty awesome and these can be worn out of the house. Six inch stilettos are never going to be my thing without crutches but you cannot beat Iron Fist for the best heels lined up by the side of the dance floor at a wedding.

Irregular Choice

Not all Irregular Choice shoes are vegan but the ones which are still carry the signature style of the brand. Besides, the more we buy, the more they will make and maybe one day they will become a fully vegan brand. That is what I tell myself every time I buy a pair.

Miss L Fire

Much in the same vein as Iron Fist and Irregular Choice, Miss L Fire do some real statement shoes that are well-made and comfortable. Although I do want to call them Ms L Fire.  The vegan shoes are clearly marked and readily available in some high street footwear chains.


I discovered these on my recent shoe shopping deliberations. I have a thing for cowboy boots and they seem to really specialise in this style with some interesting colours. The States seem to have more choice but as they are fairly new to the UK, I look forward to encouraging more styles arriving as the vegan sales go up.

B Boheme

Pretty much my favourite high-end vegan shoe store. I bought a pair of ankle boots from here that I wore so much throughout my first pregnancy that my husband went out and got me some new shoes as he was fed up of seeing me in them. Best. Shoes. Ever.

Rocket Dogs

I sometimes wish the branding on Rocket Dogs wasn’t so big but they do have some really nice comfortable, affordable shoes. Their pumps are my summer show of choice and I’ve never found the cheaper own-brand versions comparable on quality.

These are just my favourites, I know you can get vegan Birkenstocks and plenty in high street chains like Dorothy Perkins if you check the materials. I’ve owned a few from Dotty P and always been happy with them. What are your go-to vegan shoe brands?