Do you love a challenge? A bit of competition?

I do. I consider myself a secret competitive person. I don’t like to advertise the fact that I’m competitive because I don’t want to be seen to fail at winning. I’m not especially good at a lot of things that I’d like to be good at so I’ll try get secretly good at them so I can embrace my inner competitiveness without being one of those out-and-out competitive people.

Which is why having a challenge is a good thing to get me back into the habit of doing exercise. It also helps having a little group of friends who are also taking up the challenge because no one wants to be the first to quit (apart from the person who I know won’t try at all, she doesn’t mind being the first to quit).

But 100 days? I struggled with 30 days of the Shred so why make it 100 days? And before I explain why I am going to do some exercise every day from today until 14 September I do want to point out that I am a ‘beach body’ person in the sense that I take my body, plonk it on the beach and there is my beach body.  But in October I will have been married for 10 years and to celebrate we are going to sit on a Greek beach for about 2 hours before getting bored and going to the bar.  We’re not really beach holiday people and this challenge is not that much bikini related (it is a little) but it is very much wanted to feel relaxed in October, to try see what my body can do in 100 days and in a touch of mid-life crisis, try look if not 10 years younger then at least not like a Mum for a little bit.

When I did the 30 day shred there was a sudden drop in my waist measurement, I got a whole lot stronger and a whole lot more confident in what my body could do. If you’d have told me 10 years ago I’d be a member of the gym I’d have cracked up laughing. My pre-wedding weight loss consisted of some pole fitness classes, the occassional legs, bums and tums and going out dancing. There was little effort in exercising and it didn’t matter to me. But now I know that I am capable of testing my body as much as I can.

I also know that I make a lot of reasons to not go to the gym and I want to prove to myself that there is always time to do something. So 100 days of fitness challenge began today.

Here are the rules of the challenge:

  1. Do some manner of exercise every day for the next 100 days
  2. Walking does not count, however long the walk. This is not outside my usual exertions.
  3. Yoga does count. That stuff makes you strong even if it doesn’t break a sweat all the time.
  4. There are 3 passes to be used throughout the 100 days. Likely to be used for hangovers.
  5. There is no time constraints on the exercise.

So there are some days where fitting something in early is possible. On the days I drop the kids at school I can sprint home and that 10 minute run ticks the day off for me. A 15 minute HIIT pyramid could be slotted in first thing or after the kids are in bed. Yoga will make for good rest days – it doesn’t all have to be cardio. But I must do something every day.

That is my challenge: 100 days of fitness

My motivation to keep going on day 24, 50, 78 when I want to quit is my workout tips jar. For each day I do something, I give myself a £1 tip in a jar. At the very least that is £97 to spend on new clothes right before my holiday.

And my goal at the end of all this? To be fully back in the habit of working out on a regular basis.

Do you want to join me? I will be marking my daily progress on Instagram over at @veganyorkshirepudding under the #100daysoffitness tag.